Are you looking for a way to expand your influence and impact by joining a team of devoted followers of Jesus Christ? Are you eager to learn how to partner with people of varied backgrounds to help represent, here on earth, the kingdom values that Jesus taught?

At Living Hope Native Ministries, we work together as a team of learners and explorers to make a difference among the First Nations of Ontario. Our purpose is to expand the number of communities and individuals who are finding Jesus Christ as the Saviour of their souls, the reason for worship, and the source of all wholeness.

As a team comprised of both indigenous and non-indigenous people, we respond to requests and invitations from First Nations communities (both urban and rural) to work together in addressing personal and family needs. Sometimes we initiate conversations with local leaders to explore possibilities for helping and encouraging in addressing the needs they identify.

LHNM has recently received requests from several First Nations leaders to place ministry workers in their communities. These are things we feel God is asking us to do and areas in which we need more helpful partners:

  1. In a fly-in First Nation north of Red Lake, Ontario, a small church fellowship is asking for helpers to assist local believers in the life and ministry of the church. Some of the participants have drifted away, and the primary leader couple is discouraged with trying to do it alone. Qualifications: Some ministry experience; willingness to learn and adapt to local life and culture; eagerness to serve others and partner with local vision and concerns.
  2. A second fly-in First Nation north of Red Lake is requesting youth workers. The chief and council are eagerly looking for people prepared to connect with youth, to assist with activities and structure that can help counteract the effects of substance abuse and other destructive behaviours.

These are a few of the many opportunities we have to share life and love with people who are in need of life changes. Community leaders and church leaders are open and eager to work together as partners.


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