• Developing local churches: We train and assign teams of culturally sensitive people to go to areas where a need exists for a culturally relevant local church. Our objective is that believers of Ontario’s First Nations would have the opportunity to be part of a local church where they can belong and feel ownership at core levels.

  • Encouraging local leaders: We look for ways to serve and encourage local church and community leaders in their vital roles. Families, individuals, or short-term teams may be assigned to supportive roles in an existing church or community situation.

Sandy Lake YP

  • Relational youth ministries: Family leaders, community leaders, and church leaders invite LHNM to assist them in connecting with youth, and helping with specific issues. Solvent abuses, sexual abuses, despair and hopelessness provide many opportunities for caring people to respond with love and personal care. Through the service of faithful people, youth come to faith in Jesus, and the community is enriched by the practical contribution of skills and time.

  • Discipling relationships: An important part of our values in ministry includes the process of growth, learning, and behavioral changes as a result of our faith. We are committed to walking with believers in ways that encourage and strengthen toward maturity in faith and lifestyle.

  • Grassy Narrows Young GirlCounseling families and individuals: Though much of the counseling is informal, relationships develop that are helpful for marriages, personal issues, and addictions.

  • Internships and leadership development: We are committed to helping develop skills and experience in spiritual leadership. Much of this happens through relational mentoring. Some of it happens through an internship assignment at a ministry location.