Letter from the President

Dear website visitor:

It is a God-ordained privilege to work in partnerships that include both Canada’s First Peoples and those of other ethnic heritages. The history of European efforts to relate to these people groups is not entirely flattering—it is in some aspects shameful. Now, in our time, it seems imperative that peer relationships built upon trust and respect help to express what the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ means.

This kind of peer relationship provides an unprecedented opportunity to demonstrate to the world the unity and purpose Jesus desired for his body, the Church. This relationship offers the hope of combining the resources and concerns of a multi-ethnic church into a powerful expression of the fullness of Christ.It is our dream that the Church, the Body of Christ, is encouraged and developed to the point where needy people—Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike—experience the reality of the life of Jesus Christ as he intended.

The nature of our task is clear: In humility, we intend to represent the grace of Jesus Christ in a way that connects across cultural and ethnic distance so effectively that the Holy Spirit can easily draw individuals to genuine faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. This is what we understand the Bible to require of us.We cannot accomplish this task alone. It requires partnerships of all kinds: with believers among the First Nations, with willing servants among the larger evangelical Church, with those who are called to intercede in prayer, and with those who are able to financially support. I would like you to think seriously about what the Lord Jesus Christ is asking of you. It may be that God has a type of partnership—with us—in mind for you. Would you pray about that? Most importantly, will you determine in your heart to submit your life to God for his glory and for his purpose for you?

Please feel free to contact us, and let us know what God is doing in your life.

For Christ and the Church,

Merle Nisly